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Man In The Moon

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The Curse Of Inferno
Tuesday 23. December 2014 | 03:35 am

The Curse Of Inferno

In an effort to escape their dusty backwater Texas town, a pair of mismatched losers rob a local bank. There is only one problem: Another set of thieves breaks in during the Hold-up] Now, no one knows who's got the money, and one of the young hooligans falls madlt in love with the sexy policewoman investigating the case. In an unexpected twist, it turns out that both the mayor and the police chief in this crooked town have been laundering money through the local bank. Out of loualty to her newfound love, the policewoman nabs the real crooks and escapes to the Caribbean with the boys and the cash. more...

Dust Factory
Tuesday 23. December 2014 | 09:55 am

Dust Factory

A fantasy about a boy who is transported to a surreal world where he meets his grandfather, who teaches him about the mysteries of life. more...

Fish Don\'t Blink
Tuesday 23. December 2014 | 11:35 am

Fish Don't Blink

Een jong stel dat op de vlucht is voor de maffia verbergt zich in een vervallen restaurant in de woestijn, maar de disfunctionele familie die daar woont blijkt nog veel erger dan de maffia.


Tuesday 23. December 2014

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Man In The Moon

Drama - (1991) Director: Robert Mulligan. Cast: Bentley Mitchum, Ernie Lively, Dennis Letts, Sam Waterston. more...

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Comedy - (1990) Director: Tom Ropelewski. Cast: John Larroquette, Kirstie Alley, Alison LaPlaca, John Diehl. more...

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The Curse Of Inferno

Comedy - (1997) Director: John Warren. Cast: Pauly Shore, Janine Turner, Ned Beatty, Stephen Tobolowsky. more...

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West Side Story: The Film & The Philharmonic

Documentary - (2013) Director: Damian Townend. Cast: Simon Blendis, Benjamin Cunningham, Paul Epstein.

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