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How I Won The War

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Some Girls
Thursday 24. April 2014 | 03:10 am

Some Girls

An American college student (Patrick Dempsey) spends Christmas with his girlfriend's (Jennifer Connelly) outlandishly odd family in Quebec City in this farcically unpredictable comedy. more...

Youngblood (aip)
Thursday 24. April 2014 | 07:35 am


A gang war/drug story set in a Los Angeles ghetto about the coming of age of a 15-year-old black youth. more...

Valley Girl
Thursday 24. April 2014 | 12:15 pm

Valley Girl

A girl from the San Fernando Valley falls for a Hollywood punker, much to the dismay of her socially-conscious friends. Ultimately, though, she decides to forgo popularity for true love. more...

Wednesday 23. April 2014

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How I Won The War

Comedy - (1967) Director: Richard Lester. Cast: Michael Crawford, John Lennon, Roy Kinnear. more...

03:10 am

Some Girls

Comedy - (1988) Director: Michael Hoffman. Cast: Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Connelly. more...

03:30 am

I Love You, Don't Touch Me

Romance - (1998) Director: Julie Davis. Cast: Marla Schaffel, Mitchell Whitfield, Michael Harris, Meredith Scott Lynn. more...

05:00 am

A Midnight Clear

Drama, War - (1992) Director: Keith Gordon. Cast: Ethan Hawke, Kevin Dillon, Gary Sinise. more...

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