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The House On Carroll Street

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Friday 21. November 2014 | 19:00 pm


Adrian Lyne directs Jodie Foster, Sally Kellerman and Randy Quaid in this realistically uncompromising "coming-of-age" film about the tremulous transition from adolescence to adulthood. more...

Willy Milly
Friday 21. November 2014 | 21:00 pm

Willy Milly

Milly, a 14-year-old who resents the fact that boys have all the power, wants to be a boy. When her wish comes true, confusion runs rampant. After Milly (now Willy) finds out the boys don't always get what they want and she'he starts a relationship with another boy, she decides to go back to the female life. more...

Without You I\'m Nothing
Friday 21. November 2014 | 22:30 pm

Without You I'm Nothing

Bringing Sandra Bernhard's hit one-woman show to the screen, this feature changes scenes with her moods and offers viewers her unique perspectives on life through monologues and music. more...

Friday 21. November 2014

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Livin' Large

Comedy - (1991) Director: Michael Schultz. Cast: Terrence "T.C." Carson, Lisa Arrindell, Nathaniel "Afrika" Hall, Blanche Baker. more...

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(1980) Director: Adrian Lyne. Cast: Jodie Foster, Sally Kellerman, Cherie Currie, Randy Quaid. more...

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Mgm's Big Screen

(Mgm's Big Screen,2014)

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Willy Milly

(1986) Director: Paul Schneider. Cast: Pamela Segall, Eric Gurry, John Glover, Patty Duke. more...

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