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The House On Carroll Street

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Once Bitten
Saturday 25. October 2014 | 21:00 pm

Once Bitten

A centuries-old vampiress comes to Los Angeles and stalks male virgins --she needs their blood to retain her youth and beauty. Her targets are left with an appetite for raw hamburgers and a tendency to sleep during the day so as to avoid sunlight. more...

Jason\'s Lyric
Saturday 25. October 2014 | 22:30 pm

Jason's Lyric

Two inner-city youths find love on the hard streets of Houston. Each has personal problems to work through, and is wary of emotional attachments. Jason is haunted by the memory of his father's death and feels responsible for his brother's violent behavior. Lyric is strong and passionate, but doesn't want to to give her love to another just to see it snuffed out by the violence around her. Together they learn to let go of fear and guilt and dream of a better life. more...

The Resurrected
Sunday 26. October 2014 | 00:30 am

The Resurrected

Based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft, a woman's suspicion is aroused when her husband, a chemical engineer, receives deliveries that appear to be human remains and performs foul-smelling experiments in a remote cabin that has belonged to his family for years. She hires a private detective to investigate the oddities and discovers that he is performing experiments in resurrection and immortality. more...

Saturday 25. October 2014

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Once Bitten

Comedy - (1985) Director: Howard Storm. Cast: Lauren Hutton, Jim Carrey, Karen Kopins, Cleavon Little. more...

22:30 pm

Jason's Lyric

Drama - (1994) Director: Doug McHenry. Cast: Allen Payne, Jada Pinkett, Bokeem Woodbine, Anthony "Treach" Criss. more...

00:30 am

The Resurrected

Horror - (1991) Director: Dan O'Bannon. Cast: John Jerry, Jane Sibbett, Chris Sarandon, Laurie Briscoe. more...

02:15 am

The House on Carroll Street

Thriller - (The House On Carroll Street,1988) Director: Peter Yates. Cast: Kelly McGillis, Jeff Daniels, Jessica Tandy, Ken Welsh. more...

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