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The French Lieutenant's Woman

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Buy And Cell
Wednesday 24. September 2014 | 09:15 am

Buy And Cell

A mild, ambitious stock analyst, Herbie Altman has everything going his way until an unfortunate turn at work wrongly lands him behind bars. Jail has never been an environment for meek professionals, but after many dangerous encounters, Herbie motivates his peers to better things by establishing a covert investment firm. The firm soon flourishes to the surprising benefit of all involved. more...

Why Me?
Wednesday 24. September 2014 | 11:00 am

Why Me?

Gus and Bruno are two hard working, mismatched jewel thieves who dream of scoring it big. During a diamond heist they unwittingly steal Turkey's most prized possession--The Byzantine Fire, an ancient ruby ring that also happens to carry an evil curse. Soon Gus and Bruno find themselves on every jewel thieves, cops and political fanatics' hit list as they try to steal back the coveted ring. more...

Article 99
Wednesday 24. September 2014 | 14:15 pm

Article 99

"Article 99" is a fictitious hospital regulation at a Veterans' Administration hospital that promises full medical benefits...but, in fact, does not. A spunky surgeon and his compatriots try to thwart the bureaucracy. more...

Wednesday 24. September 2014

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Edge Of Sanity

(1989) Director: Gerard Kikoine. Cast: Ray Jewers, Anthony Perkins, Glynis Barber, David Lodge. more...

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Meatballs 4

Comedy - (1992) Director: Bob Logan. Cast: Corey Feldman, Jack Nance, Sarah Douglas. more...

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

(1988) Director: Frank Oz. Cast: Steve Martin, Michael Caine, Glenne Headly, Anton Rodgers. more...

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Buy And Cell

(1987) Director: Robert Boris. Cast: Robert Carradine, Michael Winslow. more...

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