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Making Mr. Right

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Saturday 20. September 2014

05:00 am

Mr. Majestyk

Action - Charles Bronson stars as an ex-con and Vietnam vet whose efforts to run a straight business soon have him locking horns with both the law and the mafia in this explosive tale of backwoods revenge.


06:45 am

Mac And Me

A young boy confined to a wheelchair finds a lost alien creature and helps him return to his home and learn many magical things in the process.


08:30 am


Comedy - A yuppie couple find themselves unable to enjoy their new home when unwanted houseguests drop in and wreak havoc with their happiness and sanity.


10:00 am

The Playboys

Drama - A young, freethinking woman scandalizes her provincial Irish village in the 1950s by having a child out of wedlock...


11:45 am

The Black Stallion

Teri Garr and Mickey Rooney star in this heartwarming adventure about a boy who forges a special friendship with a wild stallion after both are shipwrecked on a deserted island.


01:45 pm

Making Mr. Right

Comedy - A nerdy Miami Beach scientist has created a nearly human android in his own image...


03:30 pm

Much Ado About Nothing

Cast: Emma Thompson, Kate Beckinsale, Conrad Nelson, Richard Clifford.

Adapted from William Shakespeare, the film tells the story of two couples--confirmed bachelor Benedick and caustic Beatrice...


05:30 pm

Untamed Heart

Cast: Kyle Secor, Willie Garson, Gary Groomes, James Cada.

Two of today's hottest young actors, Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei, star in this tender romance about lonely souls destined to find one another.


07:15 pm

Heart Of Dixie

Cast: Ally Sheedy, Virginia Madsen, Phoebe Cates, Don Michael Paul.

The story of the activities of a group of sorority sisters at Alabama's Randolph University in 1957, and one young woman's awakening to the larger realities of life--including the mistreatment of blacks in the South.


09:00 pm

The Ambulance

Cast: Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones, Richard Bright, Megan Gallagher.

When the woman of his dreams is snatched by a strange ambulance, Josh risks it all to find her. Looking into a series of similar disappearances involving the phantom ambulance...


10:45 pm

Article 99

Cast: Ray Liotta, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitacker, Lea Thompson.

Crime - "Article 99" is a fictitious hospital regulation at a Veterans' Administration hospital that promises full medical benefits...but...


Sunday 21. September 2014

12:30 am

Great Balls Of Fire!

Biography , Drama - A film biography of 1950s rock'n'roller Jerry Lee Lewis (nicknamed "the Killer")...


02:15 am

Triumph Of The Spirit

This story is based on the real life experiences of Salamo Arouch...


04:15 am

Cold Heaven

The unfaithful wife of a physician watches in horror as her husband is run over by a speedboat near Acapulco.


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