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Romance - It's South Carolina, 1963. There's a wind of change blowing through Myrtle Beach and to four teenage girls, it feels like a hurricane. The best of friends, they're out for one last fling before they take their separate paths of college, careers and marriage. There's the "proper" Southern senator's daughter, Luanne Clatterback (Page Hannah); the ever naive "Pudge" Carmichael (Annabeth Gish); the loose and lovely minister's daughter Melina Buller (Bridget Fonda); and the soon-to-be-married (but not if her friends can help it) Carson McBride (Phoebe Cates). "Shag, The Movie" is the summer of a lifetime in one weekend of beauty contests, shag dancing, wild parties, old convertibles, heavy petting, and new, true, love.